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Self Propelled Stripper w/ Reverse


SKU: 464R.00.00

Available for rent

Speed up demolition, installation,  and cleanup with industry leading equipment available for rent

  • Weight: 310 lbs
  • Dimensions: 36 × 17 × 32 in

The #464R now has a quick reverse control lever to be used at the end of a cut or to reposition the machine. Built around the trouble-free, quiet Model 462 heavy duty stripper, this incredibly powerful machine can quickly and efficiently tackle the most difficult removal jobs – with little or no strain on the operator. One motor drives the machine with 185 lbs. of thrust while a second motor provides the blade action. The operator steers the machine with little or no elbow grease required. In field tests, the #464R removed Collins & Aikman Power Bond glue down carpet at the rate of more than 27 lineal feet per minute (6″ wide strips). Removes direct glue down carpet, resilient sheet goods, vinyl tile and other difficult floor accumulations. The #464R Self-Propelled Stripper is far less expensive than other self-propelled strippers. Gets down to and through the adhesive. The #464R incorporates the #462 blade action which means a quiet operation. The #462 blade action means little worry about repairs and maintenance.

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