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E-Z Floor Guards HD Refill Roll


SKU: 54717

1 roll of heavy duty 2.45 mil film, up to 187 pairs, one size fits all.

Available for rent

Speed up demolition, installation,  and cleanup with industry leading equipment available for rent

Trimaco E-Z Floor Guard Shoe Cover Refills  are designed for use with Trimaco E-Z Floor Guards™ provides a simple, economical alternative to traditional shoe guards. E-Z Floor protective shoe covers work by placing a sheet of high-quality, adhesive plastic film on the bottom of your shoe or boot to avoid tracking dirt and debris into a home or job site.

This heavy duty Film Refill Roll is 6.3″ x 442′ and will cover up to 187 pairs.

Putting on the E-Z Floor Guard Shoe Covers is easy. You simply STEP, PULL and TEAR. No need to bend over and struggle to apply like traditional, disposable painter’s protective shoe covers or booties. To use, first raise the unit blade on the dispenser up by sliding the up/down button to the left. Next, pull the film out past the blade, pulling down slightly so film connects to the blade’s teeth. Finally, step down onto the cushion, raise your foot slightly and pull your foot towards yourself (roughly 2 inches). Push down to force film onto the teeth of the blade until the film is cut. Our shoe covers work with any size shoe.

Going back outside? Don’t bother removing the protective film, just reapply a new sheet of adhesive plastic film as you re-enter the job site. Unlike traditional shoe covers, you can stack new layers of E-Z Floor Guards. Keep your home or job site clean with the easy to use and economical E-Z Floor Guards. Easily refill with a new roll of film when you run low so you can easily keep your floors protected for the entire length of your project.

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