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Bronco Propane Stripper-Generation 2


SKU: 260P.G2

Available for rent

Speed up demolition, installation,  and cleanup with industry leading equipment available for rent

  • Weight: 1240 lbs
  • Dimensions: 48 × 29 × 44 in

The Taylor Tools Bronco Propane Floor Stripper is equipped with a low pressure hydraulic system that eliminates leakage and works without valves to avoid overheating. For use on most floor types including hardwood, tile , vinyl and marble. Engine Specifications: 17 hp, 3450 RPM, Kawasaki Propane. Engine Specifications: 17 hp, 3450 RPM, Kawasaki Propane. External Oil Check and Dipstick Access Port: The dip stick has been conveniently relocated to allow the operator to easily check the oil level and top off if necessary.  Externally Mounted Air Filter: The air filter, which ensures optimum motor performance, has also been externally relocated. Now you can access and change the filter without even opening the machine.  Easily Accessible Battery and Jump Contacts: The battery has been relocated to the top of the oil tank and now includes a set of quick contacts in case you need to charge or jump start the Bronco. This feature is particularly useful if the machine has been stored for a long period of time.

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