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1 Motor 882 CFM/230V or 460V 3 phase



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The Blastrac BDC-44 features a powerful motor and blower that produces an extremely high airflow rate of 882 CFM, enabling this unit to keep up with large concrete surface prep equipment. This model features a 60-amp UL/CSA socket on the electrical panel that allows the operator to connect small equipment. A unique slide gate feature reduces vacuum power when used with small equipment and hand tools, ensuring this versatile unit can be used with equipment of any size. This unit offers two dust hose ports: 3” or 5”. Four-Cartridge Filter System The Blastrac BDC-44 features a 4-cartridge filter system that provides a cleaner job site and better indoor air quality. The filters are easy to replace, thanks to the side access panel and low-maintenance design, ensuring minimal downtime. Dust-Free Filter Cleaning The Blastrac BDC-44 features an automatic jet pulse cleaning system that removes built-up dust from the filter, not only allowing for more efficient filter performance but also protecting the operator and crew from dust exposure—a must for compliance with OSHA’s respirable crystalline silica standard (29 CFR 1926.1153). Two Options for Dust Disposal The Blastrac BDC-44 offers users a choice when it comes to dust disposal. Choose the quick-release dust bin model, which holds up to 55 lbs of debris, or endless Longogpac bagging for fast, easy changing of the disposal bag. Quiet OperationThe Blastrac BDC-44 features a built-in silencer that reduces the noise level, protecting your crew’s hearing and making communication on the job site much easier. Easy to Transport This compact unit maneuvers easily to, from, and around the job site thanks to four large swiveling wheels. It also features centered lifting eyes for easy lifting, maintenance, and transportation.

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